Techcrunch looks into fashion label Tommy Hilfiger’s strange new collection, Tommy Jeans Xplore. With smart-chip embedded technology, the idea is that users will compete in challenges in an app to earn points for things like how often you wear the clothes. Feels a little bit Black Mirror. 

Everyone knows most disposable cups are terrible for the environment – single-use and not able to be recycled. To counter this, Jun Aizaki, founder of New York-based design studio Crème Design, and his team have created a prototype that’s made from a gourd grown inside a 3D-printed mould. 

Forbes looks into designing offices for inclusivity and diversity, from the very simple such as acknowledgement and acceptance of differences, to smart technologies and space considerations. 

Microsoft has designed packaging for its Xbox Adaptive Controller gamepad that is able to be opened by those with disabilities without using their teeth. The box is "accessible and amazing" says FastCompany. 

Following the closure of international not-for-profit Architecture for Humanity in 2015, a new, decentralized movement was formed called the Open Architecture Collaborative. Architectural Digest asks can participatory design like this save the world?